Monday, April 17, 2006

WELCOME, Austin!

Welcome to the official website of FLOODLINES, the multi site specific performance installation conceived and directed by Jaclyn Pryor, produced by Refraction Arts' FUSE BOX FESTIVAL 2006: GET YOUR WIRES CROSSED and featuring (in order of appearance):
Jaclyn Pryor, Jordan Abrams, Scott Tankerley, Margaret Powis, Iga Figula, Patrick McKelvey, Chase Crossno, Chase Bringardner, Jerry Lord, Julia Smith, Angie Kreuser, Dulani, Fadi Skeiker, Shana Merlin, Elizabeth Keeney, Kelly Howe, Adam Wilhite, Megan Sullivan, Greg Romero, Stacey Marie Garza, Nat Miller, Ron Berry, Shannon Bivens, Carrie, Latisha Cooper, Dustin Wills, Kendra Jewell, April Perez, Dwayne Shorter, Zoe Freilich, Todd Zivin, and Nate Zivin.

Production Assistance by Nat Miller, Karen LaShelle, and Katie Piggott.
Publicity Assistance by Sarah Myers.
Videography by Krissy Mahan, Luciana Castro, and Bob Byington.
Photography by Sonnet Blanton and Karen LaShelle.

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